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aao-node: deploy an autonomous node

Monitor biodiversity from a Raspberry Pi.

pi-pwr: control power consumption of a Raspberry Pi

Power management tools for Raspberry Pi.

When operating from solar panels or batteries reducing unnecessary power consumption can make the Raspberry run more reliably, for longer. This simple command line tool allows for disabling USB, WiFI, Bluetooth, HDMI and the device LEDs when they aren't needed.

pi-pwr on GitHub

sdc: manage sound playback and capture devices

Easily install and configure sound devices on the Raspberry Pi.

For deployments of Raspberry Pi based acoustic sensors with multiple different sound capture hardware this tool provides a standard interface for sound device control as well as a standardised installation script. This software simplifies device setup and control for any number of Raspberry Pi devices, although the greatest benefit will come in managing deployments of large, heterogenous networks.

sound-device-control on GitHub

idc: manage image capture devices

Easily install and configure image devices on the Raspberry Pi.

sc: sensor control

Easily install and configure environmental sensors on the Raspberry Pi.

sensor-control on GitHub

as yet untitled

Communicate between nodes and the cloud.

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